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AYFA Member of the Month: Stephney Bazi (ASAC)

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Stephney Bazi (S), Marketing Director/Board Member of the Assyrian Student Association of Chicago (ASAC), one of AYFA's Member Organizations, was interviewed by AYFA's President Gabrial Babella (G) about her experience with the organization and her personal interests. Read the full interview below!

G: How long have you been a member of the Assyrian Student Association of Chicago?

S: For three years. 2018-2019 I started getting more involved because of my sister Emily. She kept asking me if I could take photos for events because I do photography. So she slowly brought me into it. Then we had the Germans here for an exchange in 2019. We hosted four of the girls at our house so I was even more involved. That’s how I kind of got hooked into ASA.

G: What is your specific role in ASAC?

S: I’m Marketing Director now which when I joined I was giving a bunch of ideas that involved marketing. I had a vision for it, even like the website actually purchasing the domain and not having it on WordPress and getting rid of the ads haha. I tried to get that done when I was just a member but in order to make a bigger difference I had to be on the Board which I accomplished and I’m glad I did that.

G: What are your hobbies?

S: Photography. I travel a lot. I like hiking.

G: What are some fun facts about yourself?

S: I lived in Alaska for a couple of months. It was in 2018 and I had the summer off and I wanted to go away. So I got a babysitting job in Alaska. I’m surprised that my parents were fine with it haha. I networked, I met people and made friends, I drove around everywhere in the state and fell in love with it. I ended up going back to photograph a wedding from the connections I made.

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G: What advice do you have for AYFA members that would like to develop into a director role in their local member organization?

S: I would say if they’re already doing something in the organization and they are involved with certain things and they like doing it, they should try running for a position because they have that talent and it could honestly make a difference in the organization. I think things have changed with just me being on the Board. The smallest things could make a difference. It’s really good to add on to their resume too especially if they are college students and for whatever they want to get into in the future. It’s good to stay connected. I think it helps me with being connected with the Board members too.

G: You are known on the national level for taking on initiatives such as creating an engaging social media presence.For example, you took on the task for AYFA to create the Board of Director posts. Why do you think it's important to take on initiatives?

S: I feel like people don’t realize the little things you do could make a big difference. You might not think it’s anything, it could be something very easy to do that you don’t think about but the potential for whatever it is you do or say could make a big impact or big change.

G: What are your future goals within AYFA and where would you like to go from here?

S: I was thinking about it earlier today actually going into a higher position. Honestly, I never thought I would be in this place but I could see myself getting further up there in the future.

G: Anything on the national level?

S: Maybe.. Possibly… I never considered it in the past because I never thought of it but with you guys sending me these questions its like “Hmm, maybe”.

G: Lastly, who is your favorite Assyrian singer?

S: I would say Juliana Jendo because I grew up listening and watching her music videos. We still have a video tape somewhere in our house.

Blog Post prepared by Gabrial Babella, Ramsin Youkana, and Anthony Narsi

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