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Qooyama Makes a Comeback

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Danny Sada (D), Board Member of Qooyama of San Jose, one of AYFA's Member Organizations, was interviewed by AYFA's Western Regional Director Ramsin Youkana (R) about his experience with the organization. Read the full interview below!

R: What sparked the interest to resurrect Qooyama?

D: We were interested in restarting Qooyama as restrictions from COVID ended in the Bay Area. We felt that this would be a great time to revitalize, reconnect, and foster new friendships among Bay Area Assyrian youth.

R: Why is it important for Qooyama to be active in San Jose?

D: Due to Assyrians being in diaspora, it is necessary that we all work on maintaining our culture as a thriving entity here in the Bay Area. Our identity is like a flame, constantly being rekindled through everyone’s efforts and participation. We hope that Qooyama can accomplish just that.

R: Who is currently involved with revitalizing Qooyama?

D: Currently, I, Daniel Sada am leading the effort along with a few others, but we are open to new members to take on leadership roles.

R: Do you have any plans for any events in the near future?

D: Our plans for the near future are to have outdoor picnics and sports events to celebrate the end of lockdown.

R: What are the long term goals for the Qooyama?

D: Our long term goals are to eventually have all Assyrian youth in the Bay Area participate and foster friendships regardless of whatever their backgrounds are.

R: How can people become members of Qooyama?

D: Just follow us on Instagram or facebook (@qooyama) and DM us to add your name on our 2021 member list!

R: Where can people stay informed about Qooyama?

D: Follow us on instagram or facebook. We will have a mailing list soon as well!

Blog Post prepared by Ramsin Youkana and Anthony Narsi

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