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7th Annual Youth Summit 2022

During Labor Day Weekend, AYFA successfully partnered with the AANF and hosted the 7th Annual Youth Summit during the Federation’s 89th Annual Assyrian Convention.

With the theme being ‘Back to Our Roots’, the weekend was jam packed with a variety of workshops that reconnected participants to our native tongue, our traditions, and our homeland. We had the pleasure of having the President of Seyfo Center’s Arizona Chapter, Dr. Ramina Jajoo, present what the organization focuses on, their accomplishments, and their current goals. Guests Steven Oshana, a political consultant and executive director for A Demand for Action, and Kianna Shlemon, a district representative in Nevada for Congresswomen Suzie Lee, facilitated an advocacy workshop which focused on problem solving on a political spectrum to better advocate for our people. Our amazing Youth Summit Committee team created entertaining and witty ice breakers enabling Assyrians who never met before to become friends.

We would like to thank everyone involved in making this summit come to fruition. A big thank you to Tara Ceschia (ASAofAZ), and Juliana Khamo (ASALA), for working alongside the AYFA board and being a part of the Youth Summit Committee. We truly value events like these and appreciate the opportunities to host and bring it youth together. We very much look forward to the next Youth Summit!

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