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AYFA's Assyrian Guidebook to the Quarantine

5 Assyrian Albums to Listen to During Quarantine


Urhay Warda- Khayoorie, Emanouel Bet Younan- Qyouda D’Libbi, David Esha- Promise

5 Assyrian Books to Read During Quarantine

5 Assyrian Dishes to Learn During Quarantine

5 Assyrian Documentaries to Watch During Quarantine


Last Christians (Jeremy Bristow)

5 Assyrian Dances to Learn During Quarantine


Akmaleh, Toulama

For more details on these dances, check out Peter BetBasoo’s article "Thirty Assyrian Folk Dances" at

- 5 Assyrian Movies to Watch During Quarantine


Awykam o Laya

Kingdom Without a King

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