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AYFA Assembly 2023

Day 1 of the AYFA Assembly consisted of ice breakers, an introduction to this year’s theme of “Migration”, and as always dances. For our activity, President Ator of CCASYA organized the attendees in a line and stated opinions about migration, identity, and diaspora and participants would take a step forward if they agreed with the statements. Afterwards we held a reflection about what it means to be Assyrian and how important it is to be connected with our homeland as we live in the diaspora.

Day 2 of the AYFA Assembly started off with each member organization presenting their organization, walking us through their recent events and future goals. Afterwards we worked on a couple of workshops continuing to focus on the theme of 'migration'. We focused on our parents and/or grandparents and independently reflected on our families journeys to America and then shared the experiences within our groups. It was incredible to learn the similarities our parents and grandparents faced, even if they journeyed from different parts of our homeland and landed in different states across the country. We were then hosted by our own Treasure's parents home and relaxed by the poolside and in the evening we gathered at Cafe Ammore to listen to Tony Gabriel and as always, got our khigga on!

Day 3 of the AYFA Assembly began with a lecture for Dr. Erin Hughes, visiting lecturer at California State University Stanislaus, who focused on the Assyrian Diaspora and the journey of Assyrians migration to the United States. We then played an intense game of Assyrian Family Feud where the winning team, Khoyada, who claimed a come back and won by a tie breaker round! Later we got our khigga back on at the State convention party, with the great Martin Yaqo performing!

On our final day, we wrapped up the Assyrian Youth Federation of America's Assembly with reflection, gratitude, and... a picnic! From Michigan to Modesto, Arizona to San Jose, LA to Turlock and even Chicago - we came, we learned, we connected, and we picnicked! This assembly wasn't just a gathering, it was a testament to our unity, heritage, and resilience. This year's assembly left us with knowledge, friendships, and unforgettable memories that span across the map. Here's to carrying forward the spirit of this assembly into our communities! As Assyrian youth, we stand stronger together, empower one another, and carry endless possibilities with each other. We look forward to connecting again!

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